Privacy Policy

What I do with your data should be as clear as possible, contact me if you think I should go into more details!

I only monitor website traffic and logs, therefore do not currently process any personally identifiable information from visitors. My logging tools allow me to determine the country from which connections incur, based on ip range geolocalisation.

This blog serves you personalised ads by using cookies if you allow it. By using those advertising cookies, third party vendors will be enabled to deliver relevant ads to you, on a few places I specifically chose on this website to avoid too much disruption for readers.

I currently work with those advertisers:

Third party vendors such as Google use cookies to help serve the ads it displays on the websites of its partners, such as websites displaying Google ads or participating in Google certified ad networks. When users visit a Google partner's website, a cookie may be dropped on that end user's browser.

Infomaniak affiliate program

I chose to review and promote Infomaniak services because I personally enjoy their products. Affiliate links are displayed on the blog in a selected place, which will redirect you to the relevant product page. The relevant traffic coming from those affiliate links are monitored by Infomaniak.

How your data is Handled

The data gathered and used for monitoring ingoing and outgoing traffic is kept for 30 days then discarded. The data gathered and used for monitoring ads depends on specific privacy policies from third party vendors mentioned above.

How to opt-out

You can select 'no' on the privacy pop-up if you don't want personalised ads. You may also visit the above-mentioned websites to opt out of the use of cookies for personalised advertising or alternatively you can visit to opt out of most third party vendors' use of cookies for personalised advertising, including this website's.