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Welcome to! This is the place for sharing my activities, writeups and articles. Subjects will vary quite a bit, since I like poking around 🧙

From serving to managing servers

I started challenging myself to understand computers in 2019, after working for around 10 years in the tourism industry.

By selecting the most seemingly difficult topics, I have managed to push my knowledge boundaries on a daily!

Joining Thewhitecircle's CTF Team allowed me to learn, and improve by doing.

Learning and researching has quickly become a new hobby to me, and starting from 0 knowledge has been my blessing.

I found great interest in pentesting from early on and naturally took on the challenge of solving what I can from Hackthebox's online platform, or learn from what I can't solve.

I like to look into apk files or Forensic leftover data, Web apps and dbs, OSINT techniques, pentesting venues, security, and more!

I conduct all my investigations on an ethical basis, and fun.


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Webmaster Notes:

  1. This is the first domain I have ever written a website into.
  2. If you are a tech related company and want me to work, search, or write a review of one of your services or products, you can contact me here.
  3. Want a personalised website for yourself or your business? I can do that for you too, and it doesn't have to be purple 😉.